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For absolute beginners and professional healers


Learn to use the Emerald Heart Light for yourself and others. In a 1 day Course you are taught how to give - Divine Plan - Healings to yourself and others. This amazingly powerful yet simple healing method goes far beyond Reiki or any other healing modality. You will also receive a Personal Initiation that a) opens the Path of Light in your heart and b) connects you to the core of Mother Earth.

For your life-long pleasure of the Emerald Heart Light

By entering the training, you will commit yourself to 3 sessions with your mentor, one session after each month. This is to support you in your growth and to answer any questions. During the life changing Growth Period, you will practise - Divine Plan - Healings on yourself, family members and/or friends.

Exchange: €564.-. This includes your manual, your personal initiation, 3 essences (of €27.- each) and VAT. Mentoring sessions are €80.- per hour at day time, and €90.- in the evening hours (excl. VAT).

When: every time when somebody shows interest, the training will be given. We will find a date that suits you.

Information & registration: hello@harrietkroon.com, mobile +31 (0)6 46 45 87 63 or land line +31 (0)2 03 20 11 62. Also for newsletters.

Why listen to your mind when your heart is calling?