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In certain cases I will not perform a healing. This is for your own health and safety.

When is a healing not appropriate?


  • If you are taking medication to stabilize yourself mentally, such as antidepressants or antipsychotics. These medicines also influence your energy field. They restrain it, in a manner of speaking. During a healing your field takes in more energy than normal, thereby becoming expanded. The effect of the healing is directly opposite of the psychopharmaceutical effect of the medicine. It is not wise to have both energy flows working in you at the same time. It can be singularly unpleasant and in extreme cases could result in you developing a psychosis. I would not wish you to take any unnecessary risks.
  • If you do not take psychopharmaceutical drugs, but you do have severe mood swings, for instance a severe tendency to alternate between manic and depressive behaviour, a healing can be too intense for you. You can feel disoriented by it and it can leave you susceptible to mania, depression or worse. Prevention is better than cure.
  • And of course I will not perform a healing if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

It is your responsibility to inform me about your health problems, your health history and any previous or current use of medicines.