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The golden Light came from Jezus'

‘Harriët, when you spoke with us before the Divine Plan Group Healing, I saw a golden stray of light at the back of your body penetrating your heart. It went through your heart and flowed towards us. I looked behind you, to see where it came from. There I saw a card on your altar with the image of Jesus. The Light came out of that card.’

A, Amsterdam


Smooth recovery of an operation

'Having received a Divine Plan Healing session from Harriet at a distance, for a medical procedure I had just had performed on me, I was very aware of a presence around me that seemed gentle, yet powerful.  I could feel it getting in to my very core over the course of around an hour. The next day, I felt a considerable shift in general well being and renewed inner energy and I am sure that the healing greatly assisted in what otherwise would not have been such a smooth recovery'

Iain Balmain, Devon, United Kingdom

‘A weight has been lifted off my shoulders’

‘I was surprised at myself for taking the step to reach out to you. I can’t believe how effective your Divine Plan Healing is. You are truly amazing. I feel alive again and happy! I wonder why it was so difficult to be positive and in this state on my own. It’s like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I am astonished at my lack of irritation and anger all of a sudden. So many bad things are happening – I am a victim of credit card fraud, sewer water leaking in te apartment, etc. But somehow I am so calm! I had one somewhat revealing dream, and many bad things occurring with the landlord, and I don’t feel emotionally affected by any of it. What did you do to me? Anyway, thank you so much.’

N., New York, USA

Confidence in myself

‘Two months ago I received a Divine Plan Healing to gain self-confidence and confidence in my future. Now I feel much more clarity about who I am and in which direction I want to move. I also had a lot of fights with my younger sisters. Our father passed away many years ago and they still want me to be their father while they are in their twenties. To my own surprise I was able to tell them that I am not their father and cannot carry the burden of all the problems they create for themselves. The day after I thought: ‘Was this hard to tell? No it wasn’t!’ I can stand for my truth and my life now and it is much easier than I thought.’

M, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

'The Divine Plan Healing tool is the easiest I’ve ever come across'

‘I really enjoyed myself on the Divine Plan Training Day and I feel blessed to be part of such a wonderful tool. I have learnt a lot of healing techniques over the years (EFT, Ho'oponopono, ThetaHealing, Human Software Engineering) and the Divine Plan is the easiest so far. I also think it's the most profound and astonishingly I have no resistance to doing self-healing! It's very exciting!’

United Kingdom

'Now I know who I am and what I want'

'During the first week, taking the essence drops made my head feel heavy inside. Fortunately that went over. It's now 5 weeks after I had my Divine Plan Healing and I experience that my head is more quiet inside. Also, I have become more aware of myself. I know more who I am and what I want. This even led to an huge conflict with my partner. Because I was always full of doubt and could never make any decision, the target of my healing was "getting in contact with my feelings and make choices based on these feelings". When this first started to happen, my girlfriend could not believe her eyes and ears :-)'

A., Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Being a Divine Plan Healing Student was transformational

‘During the past 6,5 months in which I was a Divine Plan Healing Student I could experience on many levels how the Emerald Heart Light started to initiate a transformational process in me and how the universe offers opportunities to learn and grow as this process unfolds. At times I experience the light very strongly and in an astonishing specificity - and I feel it work in a very direct and powerful way. I discovered in the past months as well how important and supportive it is to be connected with other Divine Plan Healing Students whilst walking this path. Harriët has been a wonderful and generous mentor and has clearly contributed to how my process unfolded. It feels encouraging and affirmative to know that she is there.’

Divine Plan Healer B. looking back at her time as a Divine Plan Student

Divine Plan Healings: easy and illuminating rituals

‘It is great to have found an “easy ritual” or possibility like Divine Plan Healings to illuminate life and be able to step on a spiritual path so effectively. I’m looking forward to walk this path for the rest of my life, at least of this one :-).’

Divine Plan Healer Ingo, Switzerland

'I regained my energy'

'I was simply not able to disregard my physical and mental boundaries anymore. Always wanting to do more and more when I was already exhausted. The healings gave me back my body; I had become distanced from it. Again and again a layer of pain, indignation or fear peeled away. Receiving healings is not only about eliminating problems or blockages, but is also concerned with nourishing body and soul. An intense stream of energy flows through my body and returns inner power and trust. The healings do not treat my symptoms, they simply helped me to regain my energy. Emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually I have become another person as a result. Harriët, thanks for opening with your openness, warmth and energy the way to this inner freedom and connectedness.'

Ulrike de Jager, occupational therapist/coach, Heemstede

Brought back into balance

'Your 12 healings really helped me. More space and clarity grew and I became more active. I painted my house, bought a new laptop and started to travel again. Renewal! Very nice. One of your healings, a hara healing, aligned my spine. It was as if my body took on its own natural posture again. Furthermore this brought such centeredness, that at yoga I could even stand very easily on 1 leg - I was straight as a die! That centeredness also helped me to solve a problematic relationship - I did not allow myself be pulled to the left or right anymore. I could act from a place of calmness and clarity.'

A. B., Amsterdam

The colours of the setting sun

'I was in such deep relaxation, so calm. Your healing brought me into contact with a pleasurable liveliness which has nothing to do with just being, but with awareness. Fantastic! Now I can be more receptive to nature: fog patches that come up, a bird that gives a last shriek for the night. I can drink in the colours of the setting sun and keep them with me. Thank you.'

Melle Pool, farmer, 's Heerenberg