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My break down happened to be my break through

As a child I was interested in the spiritual, but there was no space in my upbringing for that. I then thought that Iater, when I would retire, I would immerse myself in ‘invisible matter’ like the aura, chakras etc. Until then I needed to find other interests to earn a living with. Through the study of cultural anthropology, a university degree in journalism and a career as journalist, editor and author, I ended up in a crisis. My break down became my break through.

At the age of 38 I could not deny any longer that I was more than the sum of a physical body plus ratio, and that I belied my nature. Looking back all gained momentum. Nowadays I am a healer, essence practitioner, spiritual teacher, Elder of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment and also the Mother of the - Divine Plan - Healing System.

My path went via Reiki, the 4 year professional training at the internationally renowned ‘Barbara Brennan School of Healing’ and ThetaHealing® towards the Emerald Heart Light (see Qualifications). Only when I found this Light, my search ended. I finally came home. Working with the Emerald Heart Light is my life’s destination. Spiritual teacher David Ashworth, who received this Light originally and anchored it into the earth, has trained me personally.*

Energy work requires being well rooted in Mother Earth and in oneself. Therefore I practise taoistic health exercises (Healing Tao). These have been well tried and tested for 5000 years and are currently spreading throughout the world. I have received trainings from grandmaster Mantak Chia, Michael Winn and many Dutch instructors. As a result I have become Associate Instructor. I pass on revitalising and relaxing qi gong (energy exercises) and meditations in courses, workshops and private sessions: www.taomoments.nl. (This website is in Dutch.)

Practice Harriët Kroon focuses on personal and spiritual development.

May your path also bring you to what you chose to come to earth for. 

Harriët (1963)

* A note about being an Elder, from spiritual teacher David Ashworth

David Ashworth: ‘I have worked with and trained thousands of people over many years as a spiritual teacher. It is important to understand that for every Elder of The Emerald Heart, there are many hundreds who could not find the courage to make the inner transformations necessary to work at such a high level. It is a great honour to be taught by an Elder, someone who has walked the path of The Emerald Heart and attained such an exalted position. These people are truly very advanced spiritual teachers.’