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The Emerald Heart Light is an extremely high form of energy and consciousness which you can use for your own development.

This light opens your heart. It shows you your deepest inner truth. Also it helps you to let go of that which prevents you from growing.

In 2005 the universe offered the Emerald Heart Light to spiritual teacher David Ashworth and he was able to anchor it into the earth. Since then the Emerald Heart Light is of service to anybody to step into their truth and power. It's objective is personal transformation. The Keys of Transformation are the Emerald Heart essences. David has developed a range of over a 100. They provide the fastest and easiest way to step into your potential. David describes his essences as 'uplifting and empowering', and I can confirm that fully. Emerald Heart drops are taken in and specifically effective in clearing out anything in yourself which hinders you. For example: repetitive feelings, emotions, patterns, inertia, indecision. Emerald Heart essences have been given at this time for our accelerated evolution and are much more potent and effective than traditional Bach Flower Remedies or homeopathy.

Receiving the Emerald Heart Light

You can receive the Emerald Heart Light in various ways:

  • by 'Bathing' in the Light at Emerald Heart Meditations. See Calendar
  • by taking an Emerald Heart essence for a personal target
  • by receiving an Emerald Heart -Divine Plan- Healing
  • by learning how to give yourself Emerald Heart -Divine Plan- Healings
  • four times a year you can receive the Emerald Heart Light for free and wherever you are. David Ashworth offers these 'Free Transmissions' for a few days either side of the solstices and equinoxes (March 21, June 21 , September 21 and December 21). Check the Calendar.


phone +31 (0)20 320 1162 or mobile phone +31 (0)6 4645 8763.

Why a green heart?

Some people can perceive the Emerald Heart Light. They then see a multidimensional emerald green heart. Or sometimes when they close their eyes at an Emerald Heart Gathering, they perceive a green light.