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Just when I felt myself lost

‘Bless you for this essence. Thank you for this beautiful gift :-) The reading encapsulates so much I have been feeling. Just when I felt myself lost, such an incredible piece of Guidance comes to show me I am on the right path. Thank you for being such a gift in my life.’


The essence of Grace answered all my questions 

‘The Emerald Heart essence of Grace comes to me with perfect timing, as essences always seem to do. I had just been writing prolifically throughout the night about an issue which I have had for some time, and unable to resolve because the person I need to talk to has been extremely evasive, due to their own fears! I put the thoughts and feelings from my heart into words on paper instead to help me find peace. I really feel that just seeing that one word “Grace” has answered my questions this morning. I felt it deep inside. Thank you.’

Caroline, United Kingdom

'My heart opened'  

'The Emerald Heart Light and the Emerald Heart essences are like a spiritual short cut. You clear the obstructing emotions that are most to the fore. The inner liberation gets closer and closer. My most special experience was to feel how my heart opened and I experienced the power of my true nature.'

Ulrike de Jager-Schareina, Heemstede

Mother Mary’s help

‘I am taking the "Mary Line" essence for the third time now. It makes me so happy, I am so glad I found it! It helps me a lot, I just love it. And you know what? Every morning when I wake up and take it, I feel a power boost coming through my body. And then I know: only now I am awake :-)’

Less sensitive for addiction

'I have the idea that, since attending the Emerald Heart Gatherings, I have become less sensitive for my compulsive shopping and my other addictions (to sugar for example)! For the rest I experience the Emerald Heart Light as grounding, comforting, as a source of inner silence, and as pleasantly warming and relaxing.'

'The essences are not my cup of tea. I really have tried to take drops 3 times a day, I succeeded 2 or 3 days, but then I forgot completely about them. Maybe this was already enough for my system, for I ended up in a week full of furious anger (more standing up for myself). The essence was targetted to dissolve my 'fear of being myself'. That fury was liberating, even though it was not so much fun for my surrounding :-). It feels as if I made a big step forward in my development.'

Kate Boone, healer, The Netherlands

Connection with my Higher Self

'I do not know how it happens, but Emerald Heart essences make me happy. Or, I actually do know: because the connection with my Higher Self is activated. It feels like an experience of recognition, like: "I am doing the right thing". And personally I also see this as an activation of the functioning of the Holy Ghost in me.'

Melle Pool, 's Heerenberg, The Netherlands