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Divine Plan Healing is an extremely powerful, brand new method that reaches much further than Reiki or any other healing modality. I feel blessed to be able to offer this 5th Dimensional healing method. The Emerald Heart Divine Plan Healing System concerns a new concept, which falls out of the current healing paradigm. The healer is not the actor, but the Witness of the healing that the Emerald Heart Light delivers. You cannot receive any better healing!

An Emerald Heart Divine Plan Healing consists of a session plus the Divine Love essence. The essence will last 3 to 4 weeks and by taking this in you will deepen and lengthen your healing for 6 (!) weeks. As a result you will receive much more than just a healing, namely a profound transformation process of 1.5 month. A Divine Plan Healing takes about 1 to 1.5 hours and concerns the start of this process.

What & where

Receiving a Divine Plan Healing Session costs only €98.- (Euro). This includes the Divine Love essence (€28.65), package and posting, your follow up session of 15 minutes and VAT. Outisde of the Netherlands extra posting costs will need to be added for sending the Divine Love essence. 

You can receive Divine Plan Healings:

  •   in the session room in Amsterdam (the Netherlands),
  •   at a distance (via Skype or telephone – so anyhere in the world).

Information & appointments

You can reach me via hello@harrietkroon.com or phone +31 (0)6 4645 8763.

Cancellation policy

If your healing or follow up session is cancelled with less than 48 hours’ notice, you will be charged €50.- (Euro).

Emerald Heart Divine Plan Healings help you (re)discover vitality, enjoyment, awareness, inner peace and balance