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Preferably I work at a distance. When we find ourselves in different spaces, our auras cannot merge. Therefore I can tune in to your heart and your Higher Self more effectively. Another advantage is that you will not lose any travelling costs and -time.

Everywhere in the world I can help you. The procedure is as follows: we make an appointment and at the agreed time you phone or Skype me.

In case of a healing we first do a short intake and after that you lay down on your bed or sofa. You will then receive the healing that I will send from my practice.

Emerald Heart Essence consultations are always given at a distance. 

Emerald Heart -Divine Plan- Healings can also be given at a certain location. The session room is in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. In certain occasions a healing session can be given at your place, provided we will be undisturbed and given absolute privacy. For coming to you I will also charge travel time and travel costs.

Information and appointments: