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I was already in bed but I feel I can't sleep until I have shared my weekend with you... It was full on, quite exhausting really.

Thursday, the first day of the Light Transmission there were a lot of tears that needed to be shed, a lot of old grief wanted to leave the system. The theme of the day seemed to be Cleansing.

Earth Angel

Then on Friday, the morning of the New Moon, the Equinox and the start of the 13 Moons of Transformation, first of all I received confirmation about why I do not only feel different but also am different. I am a bit embarrassed to share but I am an Incarnated Angel... I have known this for a while, but the confirmation I got and some previous reading in the book Earth Angels suddenly enabled me to embrace this fact. Self-acceptance happened to be the theme of yesterday.

Yesterday morning I went to the beach to experience the solstice surrounded by sand and water, and there I sunk into a deep experience of more than an hour in which I became one with the elements of water and earth. I was guided to let go of my Superego (the internalised negative voices from childhood) which was all about self-hatred. The ritual of letting go ended in the transformation of the Superego into an Internal Friend (instead of the usual Internal Enemy) who wants the best for me! It was an incredible experience and since then every time I look in the mirror I see someone who accepts me instead of hates me.

Magical reward

Immediately after this transformation happened the thick grey blanket of clouds broke open and I was shown the eclipse! It was a magical reward for my letting go.

At home I had to lay on the sofa to integrate what happened and received an amazing dream about how to be guided by nature. The evening I was so lucky to share with two beautiful women who are also participating in the 13 Moons. We tuned into the Divine Mother Meditation and went unconscious. I felt a powerful change happening in the womb area, which I am not ready to share yet.

The next day, today, was filled with wonders again. While I was walking through town my belly was suddenly connected with the star I come from. I have no idea what star it is and I did not even know that I come from a certain star, but it felt so right. It was like coming home and very aligning. Wow, it is so relieving to be connected with where you come from! I never understood how people could connect with their family members or the ground where they are born, but now I am suddenly able to understand this, thanks to the star connection which was given to me.

Modelling clay

In the afternoon I felt a lot of grief coming out of my womb which needed to be expressed. The modelling clay that I put away 8 years ago, was still good and I healed my womb by expressing the grief in clay.

And then last but not least the last few days I felt nauseous whenever I tuned in to my womb, I felt there was an entity seated. I am on an overnight clearance now to take this dark energy away.

Gosh, I can't believe this all happened in only 3 days. And this is only the start of the 13 Moons cycle! Thank you David Ashworth for bringing this Transformational Journey into my life! 

Going horizontal now.

Harriët Kroon, Elder of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment

21 March 2015

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Last chance to join the 13 Moons of Transformation

365 Days of bathing in the Emerald Heart Light

This coming Saturday the 28th of February is the last opportunity to sign up for the brand new online course ‘13 Moons of Transformation’. From Sunday onwards, the Universe will start preparing all participants energetically, so you will be ready by the next New Moon (20th of March) to start your transformational journey.

When David Ashworth, the original channel of the Emerald Heart Light, shared that his Guidance had given him a new course for busy people, my heart jumped. A distance course for those who have busy lives is so fitting for this era! Many busy people want to work on self-transformation, but simply lack time to do decent trainings, let alone writing or practising assignments at home. The 13 Moons of Transformation cycle is the perfect answer to their problem.

It couldn’t be easier

In the 13 Moons of Transformation you will bathe 365 days in the Emerald Heart Light. To receive this Light the only thing you will need to do is take three drops of an Emerald Heart essence, three times a day. That’s it – it couldn’t be easier. Each New Moon you will receive 1 High Vibrational Essence of Liquid Light by post (13 in total, which covers the yearly moon cycle). Together with these essences you will receive Teachings and Targets by email. David Ashworth will channel these in the moment. Also, Elder Yvonne Hrdy will support with distance New Moon meditations, free to attend for all participants.

I am really looking forward to starting this one year cycle. The continuous bathing in the Light for 365 days is such an enriching opportunity – I experience The Emerald Heart Light as an extremely supportive power in my life.  Every time I take three drops of essence, I immediately feel the Light responding.  It helps me in letting go of stuff that I no longer need and it also supports me through difficult times – to me the Emerald Heart Light functions like the Perfect Lover.

A spiritual and experiential journey

David has already received Guidance about the first months of the 13 Moons of Transformation. The first New Moon (the 20th of March, also the Equinox) will be the start of Inner Cleansing, the second will be called Preparation and the third moon will begin to open you at a deeper level. By taking the High Vibrational Essences of Liquid Light that come with these targets, you will enter a spiritual and experiential journey. This one year course will open your heart more and more, and bring you in contact with your deepest longings, life purpose and your true potential. The intake of the 13 Liquid Light essences will raise your vibration considerably, which will inevitably break unhealthy habits and negative patterns.

Even though the start date of the 13 Moons of Transformation course is the 20th of March, you will need to register by the end of February, this coming Saturday. This is to give the Universe time to prepare all participants energetically for the start of their transformational journey.

I am ready to bathe 365 days in the Emerald Heart Light, to have my heart opened at a deeper level and to step more and more in my true potential. Are you ready too?


  • No experience with the Emerald Heart Light is needed. The course is for beginners and adepts alike.
  • Once this year cycle has started, you cannot enter anymore. Do not miss out on this opportunity.
  • The exchange incudes all essences, packages and postings. More information: http://www.harrietkroon.nl/13-manen-transformatie.html

How to register: hello@harrietkroon.com

Exchange: UK £ 598.00 or the local equivalent.

Wishing you a wonderful journey! I look forward to reading your feedback.

Harriët Kroon, Elder of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment

25th of February 2015

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Dear Elders and Dave,

Today I practised my first Group Healing. Three persons had signed up and as I held the event in my living room, it was fully booked J. I found it interesting that all 3 participants had never heard of the Emerald Heart Light nor – Divine Plan – Healings before. They had found my event on the calendar on my website as they each searched with different key words.

Individual targets

Last month Guidance had shown me the way to do Group Healings with individual targets. So this is what I wanted to practise. Of course I knew it would work, as in – Divine Plan – Healings the healing goes directly from the Source to the recipient and does not ‘travel’ via me, but I needed to see and experience it for myself. Today was the big day. I am really grateful that these 3 people (2 woman and 1 man) trusted me unconditionally that what I would offer would be beneficial to them.

They were very eager to let go of patterns that did not serve them anymore and were hindering their lives. It took quite some time to formulate the exact individual targets. One person wanted to let go of all blockages that prevented her being happy. I had to explain her that the result of a healing with such a multifaceted target would be too overwhelming. I helped her to find a more specific target.

Gentle and subtle

She reminded me of one of my – Divine Plan – Students, who was always overwhelmed by her personal process and wondered why. She thought the – Divine Plan – Healings were too strong for her. Then we found out that she had the habit to do self healings on a group of targets. So it was her who invited the Light to work on all her issues at the same time. I feel I need to address formulating healing targets more specifically in my – Divine Plan – Trainings and will write a piece about it which can be added to the manual(s).

During today’s Group Healing each recipient had different experiences. One lady felt that ‘somebody’ was standing next to her, another lady felt that something was taken out of her body and the man was astonished how gentle and subtle the healing was compared to the shamanic work he has done. They all were deeply touched in their own way. I am looking forward to hear their feedback in four weeks’ time, when they have finished their Divine Love essence. Right now this essence will continue their transformational journey that started today with their Group Healing.

'The Light came from Jezus'

There were 2 things that touched me deeply after the healing. First the 2 red tulips that one of the participants brought for me were completely opened by the energy of the healing. Two hours earlier they were still fully closed. My mouth fell open when I saw the result and immediately made a picture of them. I wish I could show you a picture from before as well. You would have seen an ‘extreme make over’ of tulips J.

The second thing that brought tears in my eyes was what one of the ladies had seen. This is what she said: ‘Harriët, when you spoke with us before the – Divine Plan – Group Healing, I saw a golden stray of light at the back of your body penetrating your heart. It went through your heart and then flowed towards us. I looked behind you, to see where it came from. There I saw a card on your altar with the image of Jesus. The Light came out of that card.’

Harriët Kroon, Amsterdam, 13 December 2014


2014 Has been a year of deep transformation for me. It all began during the Emerald Heart Retreat on the Canarian island of Lanzarote, at the end of January. The Retreat’s theme was Expansion, which had an unexpected effect. Throughout the year the universe challenged me with ‘Expansion-gifts’ that descended out of the blue into my life. By times I felt overwhelmed and these gifts triggered deep fears inside of me, but the most important was that they felt right. I knew immediately: this is why I came to Mother Earth, they belong to my Path. Escape is not an option anymore.

Of course I already knew that the Emerald Heart Light is uplifting and empowering and that it serves us to step into our power, however the speed with which it can bring transformation has astonished me. Inside of me raised a deeper respect for the power of this Light.

What happened?

  • In January I received a request to become not only Emerald Heart – Divine Plan – Healer, but also – Divine Plan – Teacher. My heart jumped at this request and with pleasure I received the training and accompanying initiations.
  • At the end of May I suddenly received an invitation to become an Elder of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment. This reached out to my soul’s longing. On the 4th of June I became a member of the Board of Elders.
  • On the 16th of August Lynne Shaw (the originator of the – Divine Plan – Healing System) asked me to become the Mother of the – Divine Plan – Healing System. Her Guidance had informed her that she is to expect a new role in life and that I would be the person to assign her ‘baby’ to. The handing over was a lesson in letting go for Lynne, and for me a lesson in receiving and accepting my potential. The role of Mother consists of receiving Guidance about the further development of the – Divine Plan – Healing System and of carrying it out into the world. In my view this brand new healing system has the potential to become as popular as Reiki. Indeed, worldwide. I will do my best to sow as many seeds as possible in my life time, so that subsequent generations can make use of this extremely powerful yet simple healing method.
  • During the equinox, at the 21st of September, I was given the opportunity to teach a – Divine Plan – training in Gold Coast, Australia. Participants from both Australia and New Zealand joined us for this event.
  • On the 16th of October a Japanese agency that invites healers and spiritual teachers from around the world, invited me to give a couple of – Divine Plan – Healing trainings in Tokyo. Most likely they will occur in March.
  • On the 28th and 29th of October David Ashworth (the original channel of the Emerald Heart Light) handed over the training of Emerald Heart ‘Essence Practitioners’ and ‘Program Practitioners’ to 7 of the 8 Elders. I am one of these 7; if you would like to learn to work with High Vibrational essences of Liquid Light, you can now inquire and train directly with me.
  • Late January 2015 the next Emerald Heart Retreat, organised by myself, will take place on Lanzarote. It will then be exactly 10 years ago that David received the Emerald Heart Light and made it available for us. Needless to say we will be celebrating this J. It will be the last retreat presented by David. (There still are a few places available!)

In January 2014, I could never imagine that the theme Expansion would work out so powerful. 2014 Was full of initiations, and looking back, my heart is filled with grace.

Through this enormous transformation, I was allowed to become a much more powerful channel of the Emerald Heart Light. Now having the experiences of an Elder of the Emerald Heart and also as the Mother of the – Divine Plan – Healing System, my work has become more penetrating. My meditations, consultations and healings carry deeper than before.

This has meant that I will be making a few amendments to my practice from the 1st of January 2015 onwards:

  • My hourly rate will become €80.- (Euro) during day time hours. (Evening €90.- and weekend €100.-). This excludes VAT. I will continue to charge per minute.
  • I will ask my international clients to make their exchanges in Euro instead of their own foreign currency.

I appreciate your understanding for these amendments. In case you have any questions, please contact me at hello@harrietkroon.com.

Dear friend, I wish you a good December month and a fulfilling 2015!

Harriët Kroon, 3 December 2014
       Elder of the Emerald Heart & Emerald Heart Practitioner 
       Mother of the - Divine Plan - Healing System

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Pink Heart -Divine Plan-

Lynne Shaw, the originator of the -Divine Plan - Healing System tells how she was guided to hand over the gifted Healing System to Harriët Kroon.

The handing over took place on the 16th of August 2014 around 1am.

Since that day Harriët is the Mother of this amazingly simple yet powerful healingsystem.

Dear ones,

This day, 22nd October 2014, marks the one year anniversary since The – Divine Plan – Healing System was gifted to me by Mother/Father God to share with those who were ready.  So many things have unfolded this year, and I would like to begin this piece on a celebratory note.  I would like to acknowledge and congratulate the first intake of students who have worked so diligently since their training to step into the role of Certified – Divine Plan – Healers. They are the first ones in the world to rise to this position. Truly they are riding the wave of time.

Proud of the Pioneers

Let me bring forth the names of these souls who are pioneers of this new paradigm in healing:

Caro Cerbaro
Phil Grant
Ingo Kassuba
Maud Lennkh
Pauline Lloyd
Jenny Murrell
Bettina Neuhaus
Cill Nijdeken
Anita Prasad
Alyss Thomas
Irene Timm

I wish them great joy and growth on their journey with The – Divine Plan – Healing System. I must confess that I am bursting with pride at their accomplishments. I did also shed a tear when I saw their names on The Emerald Heart Website. So amazing is it to me that a year ago this healing system did not exist and now we have the first Certified Healers.

Spreading across the Globe
Mention also needs to be given to those students working towards Certification and for those who have chosen not to become certified but work with the system regularly for themselves and/or friends and family. I am incredibly proud of the students from each class and also their mentors who have guided them through the process of certification.

These mentors and – Divine Plan – Teachers have over the past couple of months started teaching their own classes, and so the journey of The – Divine Plan – spreading across the Globe to all who are ready continues.

My amazing and humbling journey
My journey this year has been both amazing and humbling. I had believed from the beginning that this was now my mission in life, to carry The – Divine Plan – Healing System across the world and tend to it day by day as a Mother does with her child. I felt relieved that I at long last knew my place in the world, as I had never completely felt in alignment with my purpose in life until then.  

Why was this so hard?
Imagine my surprise when I returned back to the United States after the first round of teaching in Europe, to set up the classes in the USA and put together a website etc. that it was just not in my capability to do this. I knew what I needed to do; I just found it impossible to do it. Potential venues closed down, organizers disappeared. I felt like a complete and utter failure because as each day I tried harder and harder, the more opportunities shut down and the more incapable I felt.  My days became filled with the darkness of my lack of self worth and I gradually stopped being able to function.  I found myself in incredible physical as well as emotional pain and questioned what my life was all about. Why was this so hard?  How could I have been given this amazing gift and now not have the vision, capability or strength to carry it forward?

I had to step back
I share this with you not as a confession, but as a lesson in what can happen if you push through with trying to do something that was not meant for you to do. Through consultations with David Ashworth, his Guidance revealed that it was my role to birth this system and teach the first classes in Euorpe, then it was my role to take a step back from The – Divine Plan – and let some other very creative and capable person with a huge love for the healing system step forward.

I was to stand back and support where needed, not get involved with the details of it. As Dave was telling me this, I could feel the truth of it in my heart and I knew I had to let go of the very thing I had been holding on to so tightly. The – Divine Plan – Healing System was not there to give my life greater meaning, I was of service to it and I was now hindering its growth.

Harriët will take my place
In hindsight it is easy to see why it was such a hard process. I was pushing to do something that the Universe did not want me to do.  I knew in my heart who the rightful person was to take my place.  The person who had shown such exceptional belief, conviction and love for the system right from the time it was introduced. It was Harriët Kroon from the Netherlands.  The beloved soul who had set up the very first – Divine Plan – Healing System class in the world, in Amsterdam. The one who had stated at the Emerald Heart retreat that she felt it was her role to bring The – Divine Plan – out into the world. And so it is.

Divine Will
As Harriët takes The – Divine Plan – on its next step, through her leadership The – Divine Plan – will grow and thrive, spreading the Light of The Emerald Heart into the world. Of that I have been assured.

I am deeply grateful to Harriët for being willing to take on this role, and for all the – Divine Plan – mentors, Emerald Heart Elders and my dear teacher Dave who have all given their incredible support throughout this year. Without them none of this would have been possible. I am so happy to be part of an spiritual organization and community that works for the greater good by following Divine Will and stepping up to do what needs to be done.

I hope you get to experience the tremendous joy of The Emerald Heart Light and The – Divine Plan – Healing System some day.

Many blessings to you.

Lynne Shaw
   Originator of The – Divine Plan – Healing System
   Elder of The Emerald Heart

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Harriet Kroon 0019 bHarriët Kroon, one of the new Elders of the Emerald Heart, shares a little about rescue / repair techniques used by Emerald Heart Program Practitioners to support their clients.

David Ashworth received many cutting edge techniques to help deal with the multitude of displayed client issues when he was setting up the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment.

Harriët, like all of our Practitioners, came to the Emerald Heart as a client and was so moved by the result of the work she had done, chose to be a Practitioner to share these benefits with the World.

On the spiritual path we all reach moments in which we feel and know: I need more grounding. This is an indication that you need a deeper connection with the earth to be able to move forwards. If you are a healer, light worker or even a light carrier the support of Mother Earth is essential for your work. Without the support of The Mother, you cannot manifest the inspiration that The Father offers you.

About to give up life

Many, many years I have searched for grounding. Years of practising qi gong, frequenting acupuncturists, cranio-sacral therapists and body workers, whatever I tried, from dancing salsa to graduating at the world-renowned Barbara Brennan School of Healing, in the long run nothing helped to stabilize my grounding. Was it my astrological sign (Gemini) that kept me imprisoned in the air? I reached a state of utter desperation, about to give up life. Then one day I heard about Earth Links. Earth Links? These two words hit me so hard that I immediately knew I had to find out about them.

with Mother Earth are not working as they should. This is usually caused by one or more traumatic events or too much emotional pressure. Earth Links hardly ever repair themselves and that is why ’

2 Missing Earth Links

Guess what? Two of my four Earth Links were missing. My Identity Channel had been disconnected since I was 3 years old and my Creation Channel had detached some 7 years ago, whilst at the Barbara Brennan School. It made me furious that all my previous teachers didn’t have a clue about Earth Links.

I felt there was no time to lose. I wanted my life back. But my whole energy system was in such a mess by not having had the support of these two Earth Links, that it took me a year in this repair process alone. What is undone decades ago, cannot be redone instantly. I had to give up my impatience to be able to surrender to the pace in which my energy system could handle its recovery.

Once I began working with the advanced teachers of The Emerald Heart, I first took a number of Emerald Heart essences to balance my system out and make it strong enough for the reunion with the first of my missing Earth Links. Then it took another half-year to be able to reconnect the second missing channel. Separated or disconnected Earth Links need to be reconnected first. As the energy from Mother Earth then begins to flow into them, they need time to become strong and robust again. It’s like having had a broken leg. After the bone is set, you can’t immediately walk upon it. David refers to this process as ‘developing your energetic stamina’ to hold the power again. Recovery takes time. Right now I am still in the process of repair, but I can feel my Earth Links becoming stronger and my connection with the world improving.

More energy and more joy

The whole repair process was induced by Emerald Heart Light Programs. Step by step – without overwhelming my delicate system – my ‘new’ Links fed me a bit more with the loving and nurturing energy of Mother Earth. Every day again I felt my grounding into the Earth Mother deepen. And still, day by day I regain a bit more energy and – more important – joy in life.

Looking back, the Earth Links’ repair evoked a paradigm shift inside of me. I now live my life, instead of constantly being in survival mode. I can also see now that the universe threw me into this lack of grounding situation so I could be my own Guinea pig. I have experienced many issues and problems associated with the loss of Earth Links, and through this experience, I can now help others. As an Emerald Heart Practitioner I recognize and understand what my clients go through. The health misery I lived in for years, was nothing other than a blessing in disguise now I have this inner knowledge from my experiences.

Having had teachings about and personal experiences with Earth Links, I can now explain that we all have four of them. Their names relate to their psychological meaning. We all have an Umbilical Channel, an Identity Channel, a Grounding Channel and a Creation Channel, which feed into and attend the Root Chakra. Every Earth Link feeds your system with a certain quality of earth energy. If one Earth Link has become separated, you lose 25% of the energy your system needs, in order to be healthy and whole. Two missing channels means you have lost 50% of the nurturing, which Mother Earth wishes to support you with, etcetera.

Help by phone or Skype

Now what about you? Have you been wobbly for years? Do you have a constant sense of floating? Do you experience deep tiredness? If so, why don’t you get your Earth Links checked? It’s easy. Any Emerald Heart Program Practitioner can do it. Check http://www.emeraldheart.co.uk/practlist.php and make an appointment with the Program Practitioner you feel drawn to. We all work by phone and Skype, so it doesn’t matter where we (and you) are situated in the world. We might be able to help you.

I bless you with the Light of the Emerald Heart.

Harriët Kroon, 19 July 2014
    Elder of the Emerald Heart & Emerald Heart Practitioner
    Divine Plan Healing Mentor & Teacher
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Six weeks after the Grand Opening in Amsterdam, the very first students of the -Divine Plan- Healing System met up again.

Pink Heart -Divine Plan-

It was already 6 weeks ago since the Emerald Heart -Divine Plan- Healing System was launched in Amsterdam. I had invited the Dutch -Divine Plan- Students over for their first ‘-Divine Plan- Afternoon’. The idea of the gathering was to give these pioneers the opportunity to share their experiences and to practise on each other.

The new Light Carriers

When they arrived, I was astonished by the way they looked. The Divine Ladies (they’re all women) looked so much more feminine than they did before, and were shining. These first 6 weeks of working with the Emerald Heart Light through the – Divine Plan – on almost a daily basis, sure had done something positive to them. I could clearly see that they were all carrying more Light than before. For certain they are stepping into their role of Light Carriers.

One of the Divine Plan Students could not attend, as she is walking the Camino in Spain – ‘only’ 350 more kilometres to go. She had sent her healer-colleagues a letter with her Divine Plan experiences. ‘One of my life tasks is to learn to trust life and to really ‘arrive’ in this world’, she wrote. Also she had noticed that she can deal with tension and stress in a more relaxed way, that her tendency to compare herself with others had become less strong and that in general she feels more peaceful and calm. Before she started walking the Camino, she had a problem in one of her feet. She did many healings on her foot, could walk again and now has already left 900 km of footsteps behind her.

All lives are in flow

It was interesting to hear common factors in all the sharing about what the healings had done for them:

  • all their lives are more in flow,

  • they are able to accept themselves and their lives better,

  • they are able to stay with themselves when somebody/something triggers.

To my surprise the Divine Plan Students also shared that they started using the Emerald Heart Light in daily life, apart from healings! Some ask for the Light to help in difficult situations or ask for particular Guidance when they want to understand a situation. One woman often feels guided in what to say during meetings and consultations at work.

The Divine Ladies have all practised a minimum of 12 self-healings and now are ready for practising healings on friends and family. Last Friday night one student did a healing on her sister. Today I received a text message from her: ‘My sister has decided to sell her shop. Isn’t it amazing what a Divine Plan healing can do?’ This particular healer’s life is so much in the flow, that last week she sold her house within a week.

At the end of the Divine Plan Afternoon they all did healings on each other, which were only short, due to our time. Nevertheless, they went deep. ‘Yesterday’s healing resulted this morning in a lot of guided information,’ one of the Students emailed me today.

The very first certificates

The next Divine Plan Meeting will again be in 6 weeks’ time, on Thursday June 19. By then they will all have done their 3 months’ probation. I’m pretty confident that by then they will have done their required amount of healings, to receive the very first Divine Plan Witness certificates.

The next beginners training

And me? I am so inspired by these Girls, that I feel like offering the next beginners training of the Divine Plan Healing System in Amsterdam. The solstice would be a good date. I will book the venue and then see who the Light calls!

If you would like to come and learn the -Divine Plan- with me, then please get in touch.

Harriët Kroon, Divine Plan Teacher & Mentor, 13 May 2014

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The retreat in Sweden, in August 2013, and the retreat in Lanzarote, in January 2014, were the very first Emerald Heart Retreats I participated in. I feel I am ready to share what these have brought me.

To comprehend the meaning of the changes that these powerful retreats gifted me, you need to know a little bit about me and my body. I have always had great difficulties accepting being on Earth. Why? I could never connect with my body. My body always felt like a thing, rather than being part of me. So I used it as a thing, as a machine. I abused my body without realising this. I let my body be abused without realising this. For, what else was a body for than to obey to my demands and my desires?

When I collapsed in December 2001 I did not understand at all why. Why did my body refuse to get up, every morning again, year after year? It took me many lonely years to understand why. I was in shock when I realised that I was not a victim of circumstances. No, nobody but me, myself and I had depleted my body until it was about to die, and I eventually ended up in a wheelchair. The Japanese language has a word for the state I had almost reached. Karoshi. Death caused by overwork. Death caused by depleting one's system by total misunderstanding and total disconnection of the body - this is how I understand the word karoshi these days.

I had to learn to take care of myself, instead of giving myself and my energy away. To heal my system I learned all kinds of healing modalities. I became a Reiki master, then graduated from 5 years study at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing and also became a ThetaHealing Practitioner.

The Sweden Retreat

Next, in August 2011 - thanks to Yvonne Hrdy in Munich - I took my very first Emerald Heart essence, created by David Ashworth. Extreme Forgiveness it was called, and it hit my heart like a bomb. Through many years of working in healing, I had never felt anything like it. Since then I have been taking many essences and also, Full Light Programs. They all brought insight after insight about me, my life and my body. Many questions started to rise up from my core. What is being a woman? What does it mean to have a body? What to do with a feminine body? What does it mean, being feminine? How does it work, embodying the mother figure, whilst not having children? The Light brought to the surface all the issues, which I had around having a feminine body, all those issues which I had buried so successfully by living a life of duty and overwork, abusing my body as the best workhorse for the companies I dedicated my life-force to.

I was so impressed by the revelations in my life that I knew I had to train with The Emerald Heart. So I did. As soon as I began, the acceleration was unbelievable. Within only a couple of years, the Light has unlocked me to the point that I am now a leading Practitioner.

In December 2012 I started to work with David Ashworth, the original channel of The Emerald Heart Light. The first thing he said was, "Your main issues are Fear of Love and Self Hatred." Fear of Love and Self Hatred? I could not connect with his conclusions at all, but trusted all the Essences and Light Programs he gave me to overcome the issues so deeply hidden in my subconscious.

During spring 2013 the Light brought me many insights. For the fact that they were insights, I was able to welcome them, but their contents shocked me time after time. Here they come. I am ashamed of my body. I am ashamed of being a woman. I hate women. I look down upon women. Being a woman = being not good enough. Being a woman = being Bad. I am afraid of women. I am afraid of my mother. I am afraid of Mother Earth. I am afraid of myself. I am afraid of my body. I am afraid of the power that resides in my body. I am afraid of my power. I am terrified of being me.

In the summer of 2013 I felt called to participate in the Emerald Heart Retreat in Sweden. Of course during the retreat days the power of the Light enlarged my issues. As the Emerald Heart Light = Pure Divine Love, I felt held and safe too. It is on the 27th of August, the 3rd retreat day, when I start to understand the immense power of the Emerald Heart Light. On that morning, the day after the nurturing session with Lynne Shaw and the Mother's Heart Essence, my breasts suddenly are different. My breasts, the ultimate signature of being a woman, part of my shame, have become firmer. Just overnight! Also, a certain hollowness between them and my chest is gone. My bosom has become part of me and my body... I suddenly have New Boobs. The texture of their cells feels totally different. They are filled instead of hollow. These cells are suddenly filled with Love. It will be a permanent change. That night I have gone over the threshold of accepting my breasts.

The Lanzarote Retreat

Five months later, in January 2014, I participate in the Emerald Heart Retreat on Lanzarote. A week afterwards, back home, under the shower, my bosom suddenly strikes me. Again my breasts are firmer. While I wash myself, I realize that the rest of my body feels firmer as well. My flesh, 50 years old, ready to surrender to gravity, has changed. The texture of all my flesh has become different. The harshness with which I always approached my body is not reflected by my cells anymore. My cells are full. My flesh feels nurtured. My body is filled with Love.

On Lanzarote, the first Retreat day we received the essence Extreme Gratitude to give thanks to our past. I go through a difficult night, full of darkness. Deep hatred wells up out of all my cells. Disgust too. Disgust about having a womb, hate against being a woman. 'Being a woman is the lowest of the lowest' is the voice that comes out of my own darkness. I feel trapped in my body. I am overwhelmed by absolute terror and for at least half an hour I tremble in bed. I am terrified of myself, of my body, of not being able to escape my existence.

As always, the Emerald Heart Light purifies your darkness and thus pulls you into the Light again. I end the Retreat with the essence of Extreme Acceptance of the Now and Extreme Optimism about living in a female body - supported by the essences with these names. Yes, I forgive myself for misunderstanding and therefore mistreating my body. I suddenly remember that Extreme Forgiveness was the name of my very first Emerald Heart essence, two and a half years ago...

Since my first steps on the Emerald Heart path, on 11 August 2011, I have entered a huge cleansing journey. Difficulties in this lifetime for being a woman, ancestral pains of the women in my family line, past lives filled with abuse for being a woman, it all is being revealed, step by step. And day by day the Emerald Heart Light helps me to step out of my Fear of Love and Self Hatred, and into Self Love. The fact that my body cells have now responded and that there are actual physical changes, shows clearly that the subtle bodies, (mental, emotional and spiritual) have already gone through change.

David, I thank you for accepting the courage to anchor the Emerald Heart Light into the world. I thank you for the amazing essences you brought forward. I thank you for your powerful retreats. I thank you for all the opportunities the Emerald Heart gives me to heal myself on levels that were not long ago completely subconscious to me. I thank you for being You.

I bless you with the Light of the Emerald Heart.

Harriët Kroon, Emerald Heart Practitioner
12 February 2014

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