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SUN. 4 OCTOBER   ♥   Emerald Heart Chi Kung - spiritual body work

In this Sunday morning workshop I combine my two sources of inspiration: Healing Tao (taoistic chi kung) and the Emerald Heart Light. What will we do?

  • We bathe for 2 hours in the Light, which opens your heart;
  • We will do gentle, physical exercises to free and vitalise our bodies;
  • The Emerald Heart Light will help you to release physical blockages that have a deep cause;
  • We will close the morning with a meditation.

Everyone will receive a specific Emerald Heart essence to take home. During the month after, these drops will help you to free yourself and/or help you grow around the theme of the workshop. My Guides will take notice of the needs of the group and will announce the theme of the workshop on the day itself. Knowledge of or experience with chi kung and the Emerald Heart Light is not required.

The event will be given in Dutch and can be translated in English.

This is the first workshop in a series of three

Date: 4th of October. On the 1st of November and the 6th of December the other two will take place. You can attend once, twice, or all three Sunday mornings. For the whole series you will get a discount. 

Fee per workshop: €44,- (including the essence of €28,65 and VAT. The exchange for all three workshops is €125,- (incl. 3 different essences and VAT). 

More information on Healing Tao you will find on www.taomoments.nl (in Dutch). 

Questions/registration: Harriët Kroon, hallo@harrietkroon.nl, mobile +31 (0)646 458 763.

SUN. 11 OCTOBER   ♥   Awaken your Female Spirituality

I have invited my dear colleague Yvonne Hrdy (Munich, Germany) to Amsterdam to offer the 1-Day Workshop 'Awaken your Female Spirituality'. Yvonne will reconnect women of all ages with the sacredness of their womb. Language: English.

Female Spirituality is different. Through our bodies we are meant to be more earth-bound and connected to the cycles of nature and creation, but often we have forgotten about these precious gifts and disconnected from the true strength and power that comes from deep within from Mother Earth and through your own womb. Self-doubts, a lack of self-love as well as a lack of deep inner fulfillment can often be the result. You might have the feeling that, despite all the work you are doing on yourself, there is still something missing.

Bathing in the Emerald Heart Light and the Light of the Divine Mother

Light In this 1 Day Workshop for women of all ages we will come together for healing, sharing and ancient teachings to remember and reawaken the sacredness of our womb and start to move beyond blockages and limitations. We will bathe in the Emerald Heart Light and the gentle feminine Light of the Divine Mother to open into our deeper truth and move beyond the story of suffering. It will be the beginning of an exciting journey as working with the Divine Feminine has its own pace and cannot be forced. Journey into your deeper longings and start to reconnect with your innate female power, wisdom and healing capacities.

Yvonne Hrdy from Munich, Germany is an Elder of the international Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment and her mission is to help people to rediscover the Light in their Heart and assist with the rise of the Divine Feminine Consciousness in all of us.

Investment €170,-. This includes snacks and refreshments (no lunch), an Emerald Heart essence to deepen your process for another 6-7 weeks and VAT.

Time From 9am to max. 6pm.

Location Studio Leef Yoga, Derde Oosterparkstraat 86, Amsterdam

Contact & Registration hello@harrietkroon.com, mob. +31 (0)6 4645 8763. Please ask for the file with more details on the workshop. 

TUE. 22 up to THUR. 24 SEPTEMBER  ♥   Free Light Transmission

Around the equinox you can participate for FREE in the Emerald Heart Light Transmission. This will take place from Tuesday 22 September 01am up to Thursday 24 September 12pm local time. You can receive the Light by registering at the Emerald Heart Blog, just keep an eye on it from about the first week of June onwards. Here you will also find information about how to receive the Light. Questions: hello@harrietkroon.com / Mob. +31 (0)6 4645 8763.

ON REQUEST   ♥  1-Day Training in the Divine Plan Healing System

As the Mother of the Divine Plan Healing System, I am delighted to be able to offer you to a one day training of The Divine Plan Healing System. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn how to work with the Emerald Heart Light and the Divine Plan Healing System and see how this New Paradigm in Healing takes you into the realms of unlimited growth. You will learn how to do:

  • Divine Plan Self-Healings
  • Divine Plan Healings for others

Also, you will learn about:

  • The Emerald Heart Light
  • The Path of Light
  • The amazing Attunement into the Heart of our Earth Mother

What do you receive:

  1. The Divine Plan Healing Method for Self-Healings and Healings on Others
  2. The Divine Plan Healing Manual
  3. The Attunement into the Heart of the Earth Mother
  4. Three Emerald Heart Essences
  5. A Full Day of Bathing in the Emerald Heart Light

The Attunement is a personal initiation. Your heart will be connected with the Core of Mother Earth, which will enable you to work with the Emerald Heart Light. This initiation will unfold deeper and deeper in the period after the Training Day as you work with the Light.

Mentoring. If you chose to become a professional Divine Plan Healer, you are invited to enter a three months’ Growth Period in which you will receive a minimum of 3 Mentoring Sessions. These are for any questions that may arise and to support you in overcoming possible challenges, as the Light begins to show you your deeper truth. The Mentoring Sessions are charged at my normal hourly rate (97.- EURO per hour), and we can cover a lot in that time. Or if we don’t use an hour, then the fee is proportionate to the time we use.

Further options. After becoming a professional Divine Plan Healer, you have the opportunity to develop yourself further in the Divine Plan Healing System. In the second Training you will learn how to give:

  • Divine Plan Distant Healings
  • Group Healings
  • Distant Group Healings
  • Event Healings

In the third Training you will reach the level of Emerald Heart Divine Plan Healing Teacher.  

The Fee for the day (excluding lunch) is €564.-. This includes the Attunement, the Manual and 3 Emerald Heart essences of €27.- each.

Distant Training If you do not live in The Netherlands but would like to receive the training and the attunement, I can train and attune you via Skype. For your convenience we can cut the Training in a few slots.

Registration To reserve your training you can register with Harriët, hello@harrietkroon.com.

Questions? Please do not hesitate to contact Harriët if you have any questions, hello@harrietkroon.com.